Halfway Homes to Open Dealership in Brownwood

Halfway Homes mobile home dealership will soon be unveiling a new location in Brownwood. Halfway Homes specializes in providing discount mobile homes that provide the same quality as other dealerships but for half the price. The way Halfway Homes saves the consumer money is by only selling half of a double-wide trailer whereas other dealers sell the entire thing. The Halfway Home motto is, “half the home for half the price.”

In an exclusive interview with Halfway Homes President/CEO Brad Timmons, Timmons expressed his desires to open a location in Brownwood, “have you ever seen a trailer house barreling down the highway at 70 mph toward Brown County? We want to eliminate the need for residents to have to import trailers. We plan to have a high assortment of trailers so that residents can just move their homes a few miles instead of a few hundred miles.”

Above: Half of a mobile home is being carried in to place. Some residents worry about insulation, but manufacturers insist that the plastic sheet has a rating of R-1.

The location of the dealership is still up in the air according to Timmons, “well, we are looking at several properties. There’s some land back behind Quail Run toward Cottage Street and then there’s a spot back off of Good Shepherd behind that new subdivision. The other spot is off of River Oaks near the Access Road, there’s a lot of land out there. We picked these locales due to these areas not currently having any trailers, and we really want to give residents a home that they can afford in an area they desire.”

The secret behind the low cost of the trailers is that you’re only paying for half the trailer. Timmons added, “we sell you a 20 foot wide trailer instead of a 40 foot wide trailer. Everyone has seen how these things are moved down the highway, they have to cut ’em in half anyway. We just sell you the half. We find that most people don’t need a trailer that big anyhow.” Timmons went on to explain that consumers can save even more money by choosing to not have a wall constructed where the trailer was cut down the middle, “some people choose to just leave the tarp up, it’s water tight anyhow. Some people just like to back the open side up against a fence, but the wealthy shoppers usually choose to construct a wall. If you like, we will deliver concrete blocks for a small fee for you to construct a wall along the cut edge of your trailer home.” Special financing options will be avaliable, because “a credit score shouldn’t force you to live in the poor house when you could live in the halfway house!”

A ground breaking ceremony will be scheduled once Halfway Homes has purchased property.


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