LCRA to Annex Lake Brownwood

Sites like this will probably never be seen again if the LCRA gains control of Lake Brownwood

Plans were announced today for the Lower Colorado River Authority to annex the city of Brownwood.  Louis N. Clark, Vice President of Expansion and Eminent Domain for Texas Waterways Association (TWA), made the announcement.

For several years, Clark explained, the LCRA has been making donations to various organizations in Brownwood, working toward their goal of gaining control of Lake Brownwood. Once the LCRA gains control of Lake Brownwood, they can drain the lake to unprecedented low levels and send all the water downstream.  “We want to send most of Lake Brownwood’s water to Austin because, well, frankly, the people of Austin need that water more than the people of Brownwood do.  It’s the state capital, after all, and we have lots of expensive lawns down here that must be maintained.  Plus, don’t forget, the Longhorns play here.  That is huge.”

At a recent meeting of the TWA Board of Directors, the motion was made to call in the favors and allow the LCRA to take control of Lake Brownwood. TWA officials decided, that while they were in the process of annexing, they would annex the city of Brownwood too.  “We thought, what the heck, why not?” said Clark.  “Brownwood is a cute little town, with lots of pecan trees and little white houses.  Kind of a fixer-upper town, really.  So much could be done with it, it just needs to be updated.”

Plus, Clark noted, annexing Brownwood has the added bonus of allowing the LCRA staffers to eat at Underwood’s more often.  “Except on Wednesdays, when they are closed.  But we can fix that too.”

Brownwood residents were less than excited when they heard the news. City of Brownwood resident LeeAnn Peters shared her thoughts, “we’ve been taking donations from them for years, and now they take our lake. They said they’d leave enough water in it that we could shower twice a week, but all the recreation will soon be gone.” Peters was expressing her concern regarding TWA’s announcement that the lake will be so low that water may come out of the tap slightly discolored in Brownwood and Brown County, but, “Austin will once again have the water it needs for green lawns.”

The annexation is expected to close within sixty days.  Clark had “no comment” on rumors that the town name would be changed to Drywood Texas, Deadwood Texas, or LCRA Texas after the annexation.

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  1. Daryl Massey says:

    Austin’s not weird anymore, they’re just needy. Always wondered how long it would last….

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