Area postmaster general enjoys the ‘void’ stamp a bit too much

In the sleepy hamlet of Rochelle, rumours abound that local Postmaster General is recklessly abusing his authority. In a letter received by the Examiner, Rochelle resident Jeremy Streisford warned of impending doom. We print the following letter in full as a community service. The Examiner has not researched the authenticity of this story, and likely won’t.

The post office in Rochelle.
The post office in Rochelle.

“Henry is drunk with power down at the Post Office. The machinery that automatically sorted the daily deliveries broke down, and we’ve had a few school boys helping with the work. I run a rural carrier route, so I am frequently in contact with Henry. He’s younger than I am and didn’t seem to understand how void stamping worked. In fact, for a few days he wasn’t marking stamps void, and people in town were cutting off the stamps and using them again. “That’s theft!” I told Henry, and I taught him how to void a stamp out.

That was about a month ago. Henry started out just stamping the ~ pattern on postage, stamping the postmark, and sending the letter on to the boys to sort. Well, it wasn’t too long until he started stamping the void harder and harder. He would cackle when a correspondence from a disliked member of the community would arrive. “Take THAT, Greta Alderson!” he exclaimed one day. “Now you can NEVER use your forever stamp again!” Some of the school boys had the bright idea of telling Henry that the void stamp was legally binding and could be used in places outside of the post office, owing to his rank of Postmaster General. That’s when the real problems started. Old man Leroy was driving down the road and accidentally cut Henry off and Henry bolted out of his Jeep and stamped the void mark right on the fender of old man Leroy’s truck. He then ordered Leroy out of the vehicle, and stated that with the void mark the truck was no longer allowed to be driven in Rochelle and would be stored at the post office as government property. I managed to sneak the truck back to Leroy, but he wasn’t happy.

Things have only gotten worse since he ordered a second void stamp. Now he’s going around town voiding the homes and properties of all those whom have irritated him, angered him, or otherwise gotten on his bad side over the years. He’s found unsavoury references to his antics in the local newspaper and has marked all of them void and mailed the paper back to the Brady Standard-Herald.. We just caught him at the Alderson farm, manically running around stamping implements and livestock alike. We know the Post Office is important to our community and the Government is going to cut the budget. Many in town have begun driving to Brady to use their postal facilities instead, while others resort to using Federal Express to mail greetings and other salutatory items. “

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