Condom Found on Field at Gordon Wood Stadium

This is not the condom that was found, just a replica (we didn’t want to dig through the trash for the real one)

Monday was the first day that the UIL allowed high schools across the state of Texas to begin football workouts for the upcoming season, and like most schools, the Brownwood Lions began their third practice of the year on Wednesday morning. Unlike in previous seasons, the Lions are not holding their initial workouts at the high school campus. Instead, the practices are being held across town at Gordon Wood Stadium.

Wednesday morning, spectators reported to The Examiner that the coaches and players found an unrolled condom on the field turf at Gordon Wood Stadium. Spectators that reported this to The Examiner said that they were unsure which coach was trying to remove it from the field, but that the act was quite a comedy. “He was kicking that rubber across the field like it was a deflated soccer ball trying to get it to the trash can,” shared a Lion fan who wished to remain nameless. “It’s sad that more Brownwood people are scoring on this field at night then during games the last two seasons,” another exclaimed.

The condom was quickly removed from the field, and practice went on as usual. The Lions open the season on August 29th at home against Gatesville. As for the condom, the Daniel Baker College forensics team is expected to do a forensics analysis on it. If the couple is identified, they could face multiple charges.

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