Brownwood Examiner’s 1st annual photography contest!


Yes folks, you read that right. THIS IS A REAL CONTEST, YO. We are having our first contest here at the Brownwood Examiner! We’ve done OUR due diligence to explore the ghost towns of our area (with a few caveats, ha ha), now it’s YOUR turn. We thought it would be fun to have a photo contest with a twist. You see, the fact you took a photo counts, but we’ll also be judging the photos on comedic value.

Grand Prize: $50 gift card.
Runner Up: $20 gift card, assorted Whataburger coupons.
Funniest Photo: $10 gift card, can of potted meat
Best Composition: $10 gift card, can of potted meat.

Find and photograph the following items in and around Brown County. Photos will only be considered eligible if a handwritten note with our URL is included and clearly visible in the photograph, unless otherwise noted. This allows us to know that you actually visited the following sites. A MINIMUM OF 5 PHOTOS MUST BE ENTERED FOR YOUR ENTRY TO BE CONSIDERED VALID. Submit all photos to our Facebook page as a message, or post them to our wall, or both.

Each submitted photo counts at 1 point, with an additional 4 points to be awarded on the following merits:

  • Composition. You don’t have to be a great photographer, but the clearer the photo the better.
  • Did it make us laugh? Remember, this is a contest with a twist

Here are the locations in our contest:

  1. The Geodetic Survey marker near the former Fort Worth and Rio Grande railroad in Winchell, Texas. (This one is tricky, so here’s a hint)
  2. A photo of you or a representative of yourself doing something funny with the Douglas MacArthur statue. (No note needed)
  3. Old hitching posts/rings in downtown Brownwood.
  4. Take a picture of Turkey Creek Bridge. (No note needed)
  5. Visit the “Century Vault” time capsule in Comanche and write down what you think the most outlandish item in the vault might be.
  6. Yourself or a representative standing in one of the rustic canals of Brownwood.
  7. Publicly shame Dale Street.
  8. Try your best to capture the sunset at Regency Bridge (no note needed)
  9. Visit downtown Richland Springs (You’ll already be in the area) and see if you can find the Survey marker on the steps of the old bank.
  10. Take a photo of a vintage sign for a product that is no longer in production (Could be an old car, a brand of soda, etc.)
  11. Visit the old Coleman High School building, which is also the old Coleman Junior High School building, and write a note shaming its lack of upkeep.
  12. Pose in disappointment outside of the Camp Bowie Aquatic Complex, since it’s still hot but the pool is closed.
  13. Wear a T-shirt from Stephenville while posing with the Gordon Wood statue at the eponymous stadium.
  14. Visit one of the parks on the San Saba River, and take a picture of nature being awesome. Oh, and a pecan.
  15. Shooters choice! Send us something you think we will like, something that will make us laugh, your choice.

In the event of a tie, the person who submitted the photographs with the best handwriting, or doodled interesting stuff in the margins shall serve as a tiebreaker.

The contest will be open from the date of posting until either

  1. September 1st, 2014, or
  2. H-E-B decides to send us another cease and desist letter.

Submit your photos on our Facebook Page, and we will post them!

Please observe all applicable laws while participating in this contest. The Examiner is not liable for anything bad (snake bites, flat tires, increased appreciation for the history of Texas, etc) that may befall you.

This contest is open to all readers of the Brownwood Examiner, and shall follow all laws of the State of Texas, County of Brown with regards to governance. Direct relatives of Mrs. Doodie Taylor-Knox, as well as employees of H-E-B Grocery Company, LP are excluded, and not allowed to participate. If fewer than 5 participants take place in the contest, all results are considered to be null and void.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bren Forbess says:

    Who won? And where do we find the pictures?

    1. thealternativebrownwood says:

      Nobody entered. :/

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