Fan Wants Refund on Early Longhorn Season Tickets

Early football season tickets went on sale Monday for those who had purchased tickets last year, and while we do not have any official sales reports from EISD, several people were in line first thing Monday morning. Hayden Childress was one of those in line, and he let us know why he got up so early to beat the crowd, “I’m hoping they’ll refund my tickets from last year. I don’t want to purchase anymore. I got up early so I could beat the crowd up here seeking a refund.” Childress was displeased with the way the season went. One Early Longhorn supporter pointed out that Early had a winning record at home last year, Childress countered with, “we went 3-2 at home and 4-6 overall, but heck, I think a 6 man school could beat some of those teams. Who’s ever heard of Ingram Moore High School? Coleman beat us 34-0 and they can’t even read over there!”

This will be the second season for the Longhorns under Coach Kent Hawthorne, and some Early supporters are optimistic, “we won four games last year, I remember when it took us six seasons to win four games, I’m happy,” shared Early fan Chance Glads. Early will kickoff the season at San Saba on August 29th.

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  1. Christy says:

    Give him his money back and keep ur butt at home.. We don’t need fans like u anyways! Coach is trying to change the attitudes of the boys to not quit not give up and certainly not listen to negative people like this person!!! So stay home!! We will cheer our hard working Longhorns on!

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