Examiner Makes its First Annual High School Football Forecast

Class 4A Division 1, District 3 Predicted Finish:

  1. Stephenville

  2. Wylie

  3. Big Spring

  4. Brownwood

  5. Snyder

How the district looks:

Stephenville linebacker Chris Marsh. We told you they’re big.

Stephenville is without a doubt the team to beat. They are always big, physical, and dirty. They are not afraid to risk a 15 yard penalty to get a star player out of the game. They are led by one of the top dual threat quarterbacks in the nation Jarret Stidham (Texas Tech commit).

Wylie is shelling out all they’ve got to lock down a quarterback for 2014

Wylie is always well coached, well disciplined, and wealthy. What they lack in athletic ability they make up for with money. Wylie is loaded on both sides of the ball, but they are still searching for a quality quarterback. If they find him, and if they can get him to agree to a contract, watch out. They have six for sure wins, and then four tough games that could be tossups: Argyle, Graham, Big Spring (depending on grades-see below), Stephenville.

Lauren Tannehill, sister-in-law of Big Spring QB Tobyn Tannehill may make an appearance at a game this season.

Big Spring was a last second lucky play away from shocking the world and knocking Stephenville out of the playoffs last season. They are led by Tobyn Tannehill at quarterback, the little brother of Ryan Tannehill, quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. The biggest question for Big Spring is this: will a lot of their players lose eligibility after grades come out? If they do, they will still have enough talent to beat Snyder handily, but it should make the Brownwood game a little closer. One thing Big Spring has on its side is the sister-in-law of quarterback Tobyn Tannehill, Lauren Tannehill. If Lauren attends a game, Big Spring could use this in their favor to distract opposing players and fans.

Brownwood has been ‘stuck on 7 since 1982’

Brownwood hasn’t been decent since 2011, and haven’t been good since 2010. This may be the longest run of mediocrity since the 1950s in Brownwood. There is some young talent coming up, but will they make a break out this year on the varsity? BISD may need to look for some assistant coaches who have sons and need a job. Anything better than 4-6 will be a good season with the schedule they have.

We didn’t feel Snyder was deserving of a picture, so they just got a blank thumbnail

Snyder has ugly helmets, rude fans, and smells terrible. They won’t win a district game. They have upgraded their facilities though, but I still wouldn’t drive out there for a game.

Games to watch:

Stephenville at Big Spring (October 24th):

Last year, Stephenville needed a miraculous last second touchdown to beat Big Spring in the playoffs. Big Spring will be out for revenge this year, but it won’t be enough against the top seeded yellowjackets.

Wylie at Stephenville (November 7th):

Stephenville gets a bye week the week before they host Wylie, so that doesn’t bode well for the Dawgs, however, this game should determine the district championship, and Coach Sandifer always has his boys ready to play so anything could happen.

Big Spring at Wylie (October 31st):

Last year, Wylie beat a Big Spring team that they probably shouldn’t have beaten. Don’t expect anything different this year. Big Spring touts senior quarterback Tobyn Tannehill, the younger brother of Miami Dolphin QB Ryan Tannehill, but Wylie is loaded across the board.

Snyder at Brownwood (October 31st):

The winner of this game will make the playoffs and get blown out by Graham. The loser will miss out on the playoffs and avoid getting blown out by Graham. Brownwood should be improved over what they were last year, but that’s not saying a lot. Brownwood should win this game, because Snyder is terrible. Too bad they’ll have to play Graham in the playoffs.

Games to avoid:

Stephenville at Brownwood (October 10th):

This one will not be suitable for small children, and perhaps Brownwood High School should petition the UIL to enact a 45 point rule before kickoff of this game.

Any game that is at Snyder:

Snyder has some of the rudest fans in high school football, and they will sit on the visitor side at their own stadium to annoy you even more.

Class 3A Division 1, District 3:

  1. Wall

  2. Clyde

  3. Bangs

  4. Brady

  5. Jim Ned

  6. Early

  7. Merkel

Games to watch:

Wall at Clyde (September 26th):

The first district game pits the top two teams in the district against one another. The winner will control its own destiny toward a district championship, the loser will find themselves in an early 0-1 hole.

Early at Bangs (October 17th):

This may not be a good game, but it’s a fun atmosphere for small school football. These towns do not like each other, maybe Early can hang around until halftime.

Game to avoid:

Merkel at Early (October 24th):

This game is already being dubbed ‘The Toilet Bowl.” Fans who sit through this game should be given an award and free food at the concession stand. The winner gains nothing, the loser just gets embarrassed.

Six Man:

Due to the four six man schools in Brown County all competing in different districts with teams that we are not real familiar with, we are just predicting which teams will make the playoffs.


May is coming off a 15-1 state championship appearance. The Tigers lost in the state championship game at Cowboys Stadium last December. While the Tigers graduated a few key players, we fully expect them to make the playoffs and go a couple of rounds deep.


Zephyr will be in a tight contest to get in to the playoffs this season. Last year the Bulldogs went 7-3 and missed out on postseason play. If the Bulldogs can get a win over either Santa Anna or Lometa we expect to see the Bulldogs get in to the playoffs.


Blanket went 8-4 last year and lost in the second round of the playoffs. We fully expect the Tigers to win the district championship this season and go at least two rounds in to the playoffs.


Brookesmith had a rough season last year, and this year doesn’t look to be much better. The Mustangs should be improved, but they compete in a pretty rough district.

Pick ‘Em Contest:

Each week during football season, The Examiner will be making predictions for local high school games, college games, and some NFL games. If you wish to follow our picks, ‘like’ us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/bwdexaminer/




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