Record Breastfeeding Attempt in Abilene Breaks Two Records


On Saturday, as reported by KTXS, 34 women set up shop in Abilene to try to set a world record for public breastfeeding. Meanwhile, news of the event caused a major backup on US 84 from Brownwood to Abilene, as almost every male in Brown County headed north to try and get a peak at their record breaking attempt. Brownwood resident Joey Norton told The Examiner why he chose to go to Abilene, “well it’s not everyday that you get to witness a world record being broken, and I’m here to support the women, that’s the ONLY reason I came.” Similar sentiments were expressed by Javier Sanchez, “I think it’s wonderful that women are taking a stand to breastfeed in public, and it’s obvious that all these men here are in favor of women’s right to breastfeed!”

There is the possibility that another world record was broken today during the event, and The Examiner is currently in the process to see if that is the case. The world record for number of men viewing a public breastfeeding likely fell today as well.

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