Pink Slime Restaurant Coming to Brownwood


Brownwood will soon be home to the first Pink Slime fast food location. Pink Slime was founded early this year and has spent the past several months studying demographics and fast food trends in an attempt to find the perfect location for their inaugural store. Company founder and president Richard Harris shared his vision for the company, “we envision a long term strategy of nationalizing our brand, but first we are pouring all of our resources in to the Brownwood location so that we can provide all the pink slime products that you might find in other fast food restaurants at one location.” Harris referenced several local restaurants that are believed to serve pink slime, “you know, you have to go over there for pink slime tacos, down the street for pink slime hamburgers, we will just have it all right here to serve you better.”

Pink slime is used as a filler to make ground beef cheaper. Typically, in a package of meat that contains pink slime, the package will contain at least 75% real beef and up to 25% pink slime. The Pink Slime franchise aims to sell 100% pink slime products for the first time in history. Product tester Steve Giss explained how they can sell 100% pink slime, “the problem most have with pink slime is that there isn’t enough ammonium hydroxide added to the meat, we solve that problem by letting our slime soak overnight in an ammonium hydroxide bath. This brings out the full flavor of the pink slime and we find that customers enjoy our 100% pink slime burgers more than they do a traditional burger.”

Pink Slime is hoping to purchase the former Wendy’s location. “We like the traffic that passes by that building. It’s right by Wal-Mart, which is the hub of the county, and it’s only about a block to our chief competitor McDonald’s,” shared Harris.

In addition to the pink slime on the menu, Pink Slime will serve only full flavored soft drinks. “We don’t envision selling any diet or sugar free drinks, they taste terrible and wouldn’t complement our burgers and tacos at all. Pink Slime is dedicated to providing the most flavor for the price, and that is only obtained with high fructose corn syrup soft drinks” added Harris. 

The store envisions hiring up to 25 employees, none of which will be full time. Harris spoke of his intentions to help the employees whenever possible, “we know that people are having to work multiple jobs in this economy, so we will strive to keep employee hours low enough that they can work other places and also so that they can secure their insurance benefits at their other jobs. You’d be amazed at the high health premiums for an employee who works at Pink Slime.”

The Pink Slime location is hoping to have their store open for business by the end of 2014.

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Above: Anxious customers urge the corporation to ‘get the slime out (to the drive thru window)’
Pink slime production is already underway, the slime will be frozen until the company opens it’s first store.


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  1. Jhays says:

    Can that be served on a stick?

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