TSTC Student Suggests Renaming Gordon Wood Stadium

gordon wood


Local TSTC student Johnson Gray is petitioning his school to start its first football team, citing school morale and having a cohesive student body as two products of fielding a successful team. “I really think Brownwood could support two college football teams, and I look forward to developing a healthy rivalry with HPU,” stated Gray.

It wasn’t long ago that Brownwood saw two college gridiron powerhouses. The Howard Payne University Yellowjackets and the Daniel Baker College Billies both fielded football teams in Brownwood for close to half a century.

Gray envisions the school mascot being a calculator or a welder. “It’s two things we take a lot of pride in. We work with math in most of our course offerings, and some of our highest paid alumni are welders. I think the student body should vote on the mascot.”

As for colors, Gray said while he favors neon colors, he would be open to a campus wide discussion on the matter. “I think neon colors would be the most intimidating. Neon and fluorescent colors seem to scare most people, and we all know that intimidation goes a long way in football.”

As for a stadium, Gray is planning to meet with Brownwood ISD officials about renaming Gordon Wood Stadium to something that would be fitting of all three schools. “it isn’t really a bowl per say, but some of our students have suggested calling it the ‘Calculator Bowl.’ I think once the community sees how good we could be, the stadium might need to be added on to and closed in to make a bowl.” Gray further explained his reasoning for wanting to rename the stadium, “it’s not really fair for us to have to play in a stadium that isn’t named for us. I really think The Calculator Bowl would be a good representation of Brownwood High School, HPU, and TSTC as we all have calculators. If Ranger Junior College or the Ranger Beauty School ever decides to start a football team, the name would fit for them too, but we are certainly open to any other suggestions on a new name for Gordon Wood Stadium.”

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  1. Steves says:

    Of course we think the Stadium should be named in honor of Coach Paul Tyson and the TSTC mascot should be a Wind Turbine since both are highly unlikely to happen in Brownwood!

  2. The stadium was named to honor a man that worked many long years with our young men you can’t just change it because you feel like it

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