Coleman Residents Dumbfounded at the Meaning of ‘Satire’

The articles that appeared in the Brownwood Examiner over the past couple of weeks sure did ruffle some feathers of our neighbors in Coleman County. The Brownwood Examiner Facebook page, website, and Brown County Vent Page were all hopping with comments from angry citizens. While we know most were angry that our article mentioned draining their beloved lake (trust me, the volume of that little lake wouldn’t even make a dent in Lake Brownwood), we believe that even more were angry that they didn’t know what the word “satire” meant!

Coleman citizens were talking not just on social media, but in real life (remember, most of Coleman County still doesn’t have the internet). The Coleman Chronicle Democrat-Voice ran an article last week to let those who lack the understanding of the word “satire” know that they have nothing to worry about in regards to Brownwood draining their lake. We really don’t know which was funnier, the angry comments people made because of this story or the fact that we made it in to an article in their newspaper!

We appreciate the free publicity from the Coleman Chronicle Democrat-Voice, but even more so, we appreciate all of the free humor you folks in Coleman County have given the people of Brown County.

Here’s the article from the Coleman Chronicle Democrat-Voice:

coleman paper

If you missed the original articles on this story, you can catch them here:

Article 1: Resident calls on Water District to drain Lake Coleman

Article 2: Lake Coleman Safe? Water Board Member Shares his Thoughts

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