United Supermarket Breaks Ground in Brownwood



United Supermarket representatives were in Brownwood Monday morning for the ground breaking ceremonies on their new store. While some reports are saying the ground breaking ceremonies went as expected, others are reporting that one of the shovels snapped during the ground breaking. “Due to the drought, the ground was exceptionally hard and one man’s shovel snapped in half,” stated Juan Diaz who was attending the ceremony. Diaz added that construction could be delayed due to the shovel breaking, “it may take them a month or two to get another shovel down here.”

United representatives did not mention the shovel breaking, and they insisted that the store will be ready to open in June 2015. Diaz wasn’t as optimistic, “I just don’t see how they’re going to do it now.”

Others gathered at the groundbreaking were far more optimistic. Not optimistic about United, but hopeful that HEB would come to town in a display of last-ditch heroics. “We didn’t want a United anyhow!” was jubilantly yelled by a middle aged woman, while a few people in the crowd decided to break into dance. The younger observers were doing the dougie, while a few older people were jitterbugging and chanting H-E-B, H-E-B! The Examiner conducted a poll, and only 2% of our sample group of 50 citizens stated any interest whatsoever in a United Supermarkets location. The Examiner also estimates that 98% of those who claim they don’t want a United will shop at the store anyway and grow to enjoy having another choice of supermarkets in the micropolitan statistical area.

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