Hurricane Arthur Currently Poses No Threat to Brown County

Hurricane Arthur became the first hurricane of the 2014 storm season last night, and though the storm currently poses no risk to Brown County, the weather team at The Brownwood Examiner will continue to monitor the situation. Blanket resident and 100 yard lawnmower drive champion Joe Joe Hudson stated, “I don’t trust those predictions, we get more rain when they say we have a 20% chance than we do when they say we have a 100% chance. This thing could turn and be here tomorrow and we’d never expect it.”

The storm currently sits about 1,100 miles east of Brownwood, just off the coast of Georgia and South Carolina in the Atlatnic Ocean. The storm is moving NNE at 9 mph and has maximum sustained winds of 80 mph. Leaders are tracking this storm, and as of right now all fireworks shows and celebrations in the area are still on to proceed as scheduled.  Should this storm threaten the Brownwood area, you will hear about it here first, guaranteed.

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  1. Bobbie Jo says:

    Wow when did Texas become part of east coast? And when did Brownwood ever get a hurricane

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