Brownwood ISD Superintendent on KTXS

Last Thursday, Brownwood ISD Superintendent Reece Blincoe was interviewed on KTXS TV about the school district taking over the Headstart program. While we appreciate Brownwood ISD’s efforts to take over Headstart, we feel that perhaps Brownwood ISD should look in to giving this man a raise. We feel that his $147,855  salary (Source: Texas Education Agency) is just not enough for him to be able to make himself presentable for a television interview. Here is a list of superintendent salaries (Source:Texas Education Agency) at comparable school districts in our area, showing that Blincoe is vastly underpaid:

Abilene Wylie
3,832 students
$126,144 superintendent salary

3,719 students
$141,469 superintendent salary

3,520 students
$147,855 superintendent salary

2,720 students
$107,000 superintendent salary

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bobbie Jo says:

    Why would you say underpaid? I’d say they are all overpaid ! While I understand they do a lot, I do not see where they should make in the 100,000 salary bracket. Are they dealing with children in the classroom or the disrespect from students ? Ridiculous

  2. Bobbie Jo says:

    Oh and for his clothing ….. Well I wouldn’t expect anything more

  3. zelma says:

    It’s funny how anyone thinks this dude should be paid more when he doesn’t even know whats going on in the school. The teachers fail to contact parents when their child needs help and is doing bad in class. Basically some of the teachers are NOT doing their jobs. I’m moving my kid from this school district.

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