Sign Removal Confuses Drivers on Vine Street

vine street

Gone to Depot Liquor lately? Driven by the new fire station to check out the progress on it? You may be in for a surprise. Workers removed the “Drive in Here” from the right hand side of the Vine Street underpass alerting residents which side of the concrete barrier to drive down. The sign had long hung as a friendly reminder of, “hey, we are in America and we drive on the right side of the road.” Local residents expressed anger, confusion, and very little patience after the sign was taken down.

Cars lined up Wednesday afternoon not knowing which side to drive on. “I don’t understand why they would think this is a good idea,” said Sherry Agnus-Conway. “I’ve been driving in Brownwood for over 40 years, and one of the things I’ve appreciated about this town is that it’s easy to get around in.” Three cars were observed circling outside of the Lehnis Railroad Museum, confused of which side to enter. “If the sober folks can’t figure it out, how are the drunks going to get to Depot Liquor on the other side of the underpass?” stated frustrated driver and Early resident Brian Tillers. “I guess I will just go back up Carnegie and take Austin Avenue to cross the railroad tracks. This beats anything I’ve ever seen, and it easily adds a few minutes to my commute.”

Cars were seen coming out of the underpass on what appeared to be the left hand side, but drivers were worried that if the sign had been taken down on the other side, a car might come through the right hand side. “I just can’t risk my life to go under the Vine Street Underpass,” added Tillers.

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