Early mulls wastewater plant, wasting taxpayers’ money.


For some strange reason, the City of Early has decided that a Superior water quality rating from the City of Brownwood just isn’t good enough for the city famous for speed traps, a decaying mall, and atrocious athletic programs. The Texas Water Development Board reports that Early has applied for a $10 million dollar loan to construct a wastewater treatment plant of their own. Early currently contracts with the City of Brownwood to treat wastewater at a cost of $350,000 per year.

A location for the plant has yet to be finalized, but neighbors are assured that the sewage isn’t the only foul thing about this deal. Estimates show that it will take 30 to 35 years for the city to see a return on this investment. With growth rates as stagnant as runoff water in Willis Creek, the Brownwood Examiner thinks this is a massive waste of funds.. and that’s why we aren’t the Early Examiner.

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