Second Annual Lawnmower Pull Completed in Blanket



The second annual lawnmower pull was held outside of Blanket Friday night. Competitors were required to bring their own riding mowers or borrow one from a friend. The competition had three events with separate winners in each. The events and winners were: Joe Joe (Little Joe) Hudson 1st place in the 100 yard lawn mower drive, Jim Bob Hudson 1st place in the 25 yard lawn mower pull, and Julie Mae (Grandma) Hudson 1st place in the lawn mower jelly/jam division. Grandma Hudson made her famous prickly pear jam that has become a staple in the Blanket area. Grandma Hudson says she will plan to sell her jam at this year’s Brownwood Reunion Celebration if she can get a booth reserved in time. This is the second year in a row for the Hudson family to sweep all three events.

Pictured above: Joe Joe Hudson riding his lawnmower on to the field prior to the 100 yard race.

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