Popularity of Lake Brownwood Fireworks show prompts additional parking options this Year



For perhaps the first time ever, viewers of the Lake Brownwood Spectacular this Independence Day will have plenty of parking. Due to dry conditions, several coves around Lake Brownwood are able to provide additional parking spaces. Lake resident Anthony Van Ritter said, “in the past these drunk idiots have just parked in my grass and set up lawn chairs in my driveway, hopefully this year those drunk fools will set up in the lake bed.”

City and county officials expect a larger than ever turnout for this year’s show. Scottie Bumpkin, the lone man who sets off the fireworks says he has been practicing for a long time and believes that this year the pause between each firework will be less. “In the past I let the fact that I’ve only got one leg slow me down, but I think this year, with the help of some new crutches, I’ll be faster than ever at lighting those fireworks.”

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