Bored this weekend? Local activities that are sure to please..


Yes, it’s summertime.. and with summertime comes the age-old problem; entertaining your children. Sure, you can tell them to go outside and play, but they return quickly, oft repeating the hackneyed phrase “I’m boreeeeeeeeed” 80 times a day. You’ve missed the 2 hour window to visit the multi-million dollar Camp Bowie Aquatic Center, and seeing as it’s only open for 2 months, you don’t want the kids to get too attached anyhow. Bowling? Been there, done that. Now what to do? While Brownwood may not have many family entertainment venues, here are some lesser known options to appease even the daftest of children:

    • Feed the ducks at Riverside Park while chastising Prater Equipment for taking an eternity to fix the road. This option will satisfy the curiosity of your kiddos, as well as the innate need to gossip about petty things that all Brown County residents share.
    • Play a game of street golf. As with real golf courses, each street has different challenges. Find the largest pothole on your block and mark it with a flag. You can steal those little orange Verizon underground wire flags if you’d like. Make sure and stick to irons, and yield to motor traffic.
    • Drive to Winchell and look at the old bridge. This activity works especially well with younger children who are easily impressed. Tell stories of how you drove on that bridge once, and how the new bridge is better.  Compare photos from previous summer sojourns. Can you see new pockets of oxidation? Has the rust spread? How about the tall grass? If you’d rather visit a bridge you can actually drive on, the Turkey Creek bridge is quite a sight to see; an unexpected diamond in the rough. Sure, the dirt road leading to it may eat your car faster than 1990s Oprah could clear out a buffet table, but it’s a small price to pay.
    • Drive to Zephyr and look at the zebra. If you are lucky, he will be grazing, and not in his caboose house.
    • Visit the laserwash. Pretend it’s a game. Crank up some Magic 1380 and sing songs of praise to science for turning what once was a physical chore into a marvel of modern entertainment.
    • Scavenger hunt! Try and find the National Geodetic Survey marker at the Post Office. Hint; it’s round. Once you have found this, try and locate someone under the age of 30 currently patronizing the Post Office.
    • Who needs carnival foods when you have a Fry Daddy? Visit Cullen’s Hometown Market and have your children pick out fruits and vegetables that are visually appealing. Go home, batter them, and fry them. You may discover a new culinary favorite!

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