Brownwood to host first annual Potted Meat Food Product Cookoff in August


Chicken fried Potted Meat. Potted Meat Au Gratin. Spaghetti and Potted Meatballs. Potted Meat Spring Rolls. Potted Meat and Pimento Cheese Toaster Sandwiches.

Hungry yet? Organizers of the first annual Potted Meat Food Product Cookoff sure hope so! President of Marketing for ConAgra Foods, William P. Michelson, stated Brownwood is the perfect location for a gala event of this nature. “Statistically, Libby’s products tend to be hot sellers in the Brownwood Micropolitan Statistical Area. In fact, we sell more Potted Meat Food Product in the 76801 ZIP code than anywhere else in the fine state of Texas. It’s only fair that we reward our loyal consumers by hosting the inaugural event in Brownwood.”

With a wide array of brands featured, including Armour Star, Hormel, Goya, and the local favorite Libby’s, potted meat enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike are sure to be pleased.

“Don’t worry, we want to prove WHY we are #1 in Brownwood” said Michelson, laughing.

The event will also feature a Miss Potted Meat pageant, live music from the Brownwood Intermediate School band, as well as crafts made from discarded canisters of Potted Meat. Normally, we say not to play with your food, but in the children’s area, potted meat sculpting will be offered. Vendor information and entry forms will be posted soon.

However, not all in the Brownwood community are pleased. One man wishing to remain anonymous stated “Potted meat tastes like cat food; if they wanted to put Brownwood on the map, they would have focused on Vienna Sausages instead.”

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  1. Donna says:

    I think this website is hilarious!!! Do people REALLY think HEB is coming to Brownwood?? Lol

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