Brownwood Population Blasts past the 19,000 Mark

The 2013 United States Census population estimates are in, and the City of Brownwood has seen it’s population blast past the 19,000 mark. Current estimates put the city’s population at 18,965 which is down from 19,029 a year earlier. Longtime Brownwood business owner Jethro Joe Bob Tucker said, “the population shift has been expected for awhile, I’m eager to see what new retail establishments we can expect from this.” Meanwhile, reports at city hall are already buzzing that a new check cashing place and another Dollar General are in the works. The city is considering a 110% property tax abatement for each, meaning that the city will actually pay them to relocate here. When asked about the proposed plans, Tucker stated, “I think it’s great. Whatever it takes to get more business to come.”

An increase in retail establishments isn’t the only thing Brownwood residents can expect to see in the future. Austin Avenue is currently being widened to have the capacity to handle the outflux of residents. “Well, the people of Brownwood have to travel Northbound on Austin all the way to Park Plaza any time they need to visit a dollar store, and old mister Renfroe drives like a dick” one resident stated. In other news; Park Plaza to receive new sign, no new stores.


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